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Service & Experience Designer, 2014 –  2016

My mission at Do Something Different was to use design as a catalyst to bring about positive change for people, inspiring and empowering people to act through experiences. With psychologists, I designed experiences that: disrupted people’s behavioural patterns (routines & habits) by getting them do to things differently, expanded comfort zones and took people off autopilot. Showing opportunities for a different way of life, with possibilities and choices.

We looked at all areas of the Do experience: tone of voice, principles, pledges, values, communications, branding, products, impact and service. We used user research, data and feedback to improve the Do Something Different experience across all areas for it’s customers as shown below. A few of the outputs include fresh branding, a new website, launching a new Do app, a series of new programmes, a new offering and a better more impactful Do brand experience.


Insight from user research, defined challenge & opportunities:

Insight 1: The perception and experience we have of change or transformation is that it’s difficult, unpredictable and not fun. We want the outputs (rewards) of what change has to offer, but often without wanting to go through the journey. We foresee and feel the painpoints in it’s journey, and often don’t follow through.
Opportunity: How might we shift people’s perceptions and experience of change, making it simpler (smaller steps to change), more doable and delightful so that more people are open to Do Something Different and feel the value of it?

Insight 2: What Do Something Different stood for and represented (ethos, values, principles, mission etc) wasn’t being reflected in the brand experience, which wasn’t fresh, different or delightful enough. The product asked people to do different, but the brand itself wasn’t different enough or paving the way, and so it was not creating the impact it could create.
Opportunity: How might we create coherence between what Do Something Different say and do, so that there is better brand alignment in connecting to people’s hearts and minds?



Do Something Different Branding


Do’s are small doable actions we send to our Doers, physically or via the Do Something Different app. They are designed to shake things up and inject freshness into your day, by giving you permission to Do Something Different. 
The Do’s you receive are personalised for you, based on what you’ve told us about your habits and behaviours which forms your programme.

Do’s not only create the space and conditions for change to happen but have a clear ask, they empower people to do rather than think, because you can have the best intensions in the world but without action nothing will change. Designed based on science and psychology Do’s: they act as small behavioural prompts, nudges, triggers to bring action and reward.

Dynamic branding representing change
Do Something Different App Experience & UI

Completing Do's

Once you’ve completed a Do you can: tick it off on the Do app, share your story on what happened and how you’ve found it, upload a picture and see how others got on.

Event experiences
Do posters
Programme awareness and engagement

Programme Experience

Based on user research we identified common moments of friction in people’s experience that were forming barriers, to make improvements to based on the biggest impact for our customers:

1. People were having a wobble in the middle of the programme, falling behind caused Do’s to pile up and as a result people lost motivation. Opportunity: How might we support our Doers to maintain motivation and ease the pressure when they’re having a wobble. 

2. The programmes were one dimensional and repetitive in it’s delivery (a text based Do) The journey felt linear and expected in it’s format. Opportunity: How might we add variation in the programme delivery, disrupting the norm, surprising and delighting people with curiosity, creating sticky factors to keep people engaged.

3. The programme was automated and fully digital, it felt distant and cold because there are no people shown behind Do Something Different. The one touchpoint connecting Do to it’s customers is a digital screen interface. Opportunity: How might we make the programme a more warm, dynamic and human experience that moves beyond the experience of online. (Ideas: multiple touch points, activating the human senses, entering people’s worlds off screen, in a physical real form) 

4. The Do’s are easy to be ignored. Opportunity: How might we create engaging memorable moments that can’t be easily ignored that people want to do and talk about (sparks conversations)? 

Customer Journey Mapping
Do app experience
Do programme collection: Unique experiences

Programmes Collection: Do Store

Programme Landing Page

Sign up Diagnostic

Sign up Diagnostic

Sign up, Dianostic
Outdoor Happiness Campaign
Do experience mapping
Do Something Different App (App Store ) & website (
Do Programme Experience
National Day of Happiness Campaign
The effects of Do Something Different
Programme launch and engagement countdown.

Do Something Different website experience (

How It Works (

The Science (

Programme Library (

Programme Page (

About (

Do app: having a wobble video
Building Resilience Book
Programme eBooks with physical journals
Series of books & eBooks
More Health & Wellbeing Programmes: Unique branding & experiences
Do experience map
Persona mapping
Tea For Two, Creating Physical Do Experiences

Some improvements we made to tackle the pain points for our Doers were:
Shortening programmes, having a wobble video, a new app for easy accessibility and functionality, improved sign up process, pre and post programme reports to track progress, new website with a suite of new programmes, audio Do’s, downloads and print outs, physical do’s, journals, eBooks, videos, fresh branding, completion certificate, doer pledges, programme countdowns and surprise phone call check in.  

Physical Do's


User research showed that people found the delivery of notification and texts repetitive, there phone was their only touchpoint to Do Something Different and it wasn’t that different and felt cold and automated. We spotted an opportunity to disrupt, surprise and delight by combining the digital and physical experience creating a richer more dynamic experience. We designed physical pocket sized Do’s which come with everything you need to complete it. Physical Do’s create multi touchpoints, adding dimension and humanness to the experience, moving away from a screen based experience. The Do’s enter people’s reality physically making them harder to ignore, they’re unexpected and memorable creating curiosity, intrigue and excitement. They activating your senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and sound creating a multi sensory experience.  

Tea for Two


This Do was designed to shake up people’s taste buds by trying a different flavours of tea from the ordinary, from pop corn to chocolate tea there where plenty of varieties. Tea for Two encourages our Doers to talk to someone different today over tea. It is a conversation starter and asks Doers to pick a colleague and share the tea experience with them by guessing the flavour.

Physical Do Experiences
Tea for Two, Physical Do Experiences
Origami & You, Physical Do Experience

Origami & You


This Do requires you to get hands by having a 5 minute break to make, building upon team work. It encourages collaboration and asks for one person to be the maker, they are only given origami paper. The other person is the instructor, and is only given an instruction sheet. The maker and instruction must work together to create origami, requiring clear communication from the instructor.

User Testing

Pocket Portraits

This Do gives people the creative licence to have some digital down time, and let your creative juices flow by drawing a miniature portrait of a colleague on a postcard. The portraits are then displayed on a wall to form a gallery.

Pocket Portraits, Physical Do Experiences
Pocket Portraits
Forward a Thankyou, Physical Do Experiences
Forward a Thankyou, Physical Do Experiences
Let's Do This Meeting Differently, Physical Do Experiences

Programme Impact

Pre + post programme report, measuring change
Programme completion: pledge & certificate

Do Something Different

Mission: to get 100 million people to do something different

Happiness Programme Report: measuring impact
Infographics, research + programme outcomes
Wellbeing Results
Doer stories

Do Launch Event

Year Of Change Event Experience
Event giveaways

Health Campaigns

Diabetes app, and programme materials

Programme marketing

Diabetes website

Clinicians website

Do Something Different for Your Diabetes is a free, new online programme that has been developed with specialists and clinicians in Hertfordshire to help patients self-manage their condition.

According to Public Health England, in 2014, around 3.2 million people, that’s 7.4% of the adult population, had diabetes*. The sharp rise in the number of people with Type 2 diabetes cases, strongly linked to the rise in obesity, is having a serious impact on health services across the country.

Self-management is the key to a healthy future

Receiving a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes can be difficult for many patients. Poorly managed Type 2 diabetes can have serious implications for long term health and finding motivation to make lifestyle changes can be difficult. Do Something Different for YOUR diabetes offers support in your pocket.

Diabetes programme
Smoke Free Me Campaign for NHS

Smoke Free Me

Our new programme, Smoke Free Me, created for Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group and supported by Albion In The Community, was officially launched in front of 25,000 football fans with a half-time film entitled ‘Be The Best You Can Be’.

Smoke Free Me is a text and email programme that uses the latest psychological research to help smokers win the physical and mental battle of giving up smoking for good. It is currently being offered free to Brighton and Hove residents, with some really encouraging initial results.

Smoke Free Me Programme Launch: campaign featured on the big screen in front of 25,000 football fans
Fans pledging to quit smoking
Campaign video
Stopober website

52% quit rates

In a telephone survey with the first 144 participants to complete the six week Smoke Free Me programme, 52% of those contacted said they had quit and 72% said they would highly recommend the programme (even if they had failed to quit this time).

Smoke Free Me programme

Cost-effective online implementation

Unlike traditional one-to-one, group or pharmacological approaches, Smoke Free Me is an online smoking cessation approach that delivers behaviour change prompts by email and text. That means that smokers can sign up online and can run their programme from their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.  There are no appointments to keep. No consultations required. No personal expenses for medication or travel.

From a CCG point of view, the Do Something Different approach provides a fully scalable online solution without any burden on health professionals, health resources or support services. There is no technical integration required.

Click to scroll

Click to scroll

NHS: Love Not Smoking app

Some of the outcomes I achieved over the two years were: 

Complete rebranding so that the brand best reflected what Do Something Different were all about and its ethos which the previous branding didn’t. 

A website / improved platform to inspire, inform and bring action.

Programme identities to frame each programme as individual products.

Campaigns, activities, experiences and materials for events. Physical Do experiences to disrupt people’s habits.

Improved the product experience via downloads, ebooks, an app, better user experience, reporting feature and overall creating a better and more delightful and enjoyable experience for our Doers.

And so many more outcomes… if you’d like to know more get in touch.

Building a movement

Recognising that Do Something Different is a way of life, it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s a movement of Doers, who believe there is a different, better way to live. We were bringing people together on this common belief, and needed to embody the feeling of being a part of something bigger across all areas of the Do experience from language, tone of voice to the product experience.

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