Escape the City

Designing to wake up the working world with Escape the City.


Lead Designer + UX, 2015 – 2016

Escape the City help people find work they love, because life is too short to be part of the rat race. Escape is a global community of 280,000 professionals who want to do work that matters to them. We believe work should make you feel alive every day – so we share exciting job opportunities from progressive organisations, host events, and run programmes to kickstart your career change and start up and new direction programmes.

I have been working closely with Escape creatively as a lead designer & UX designer to support them of their mission to wake up the working world. My role included improving the brand, user and product / service experience to help people in their career change.

Some of my key outcomes from Escape the City can be seen in my portfolio of work, more coming soon.

Designing an Escape community space. The Escape Cafe, London

Cafe brochure: Welcome to Escape

Cafe events
Programme guidebooks

The Escape Cafe: A Community Space for Escapees.

Escape is a global community of 280,000 people, who may have completed programmes, been to events, are interested in making a career change or starting a business. This community after being on programmes does not have a space to continue to co-create and thrive, and can often feel lonely and disconnected after finishing their programmes. To keep the community thriving we needed to create the right conditions and create a home for our Escapees where they could meet their needs, stay motivated and keep the conversations alive – creating action.

We saw the opportunity to keep our Escapees connected, launching The Escape Cafe, in Old Street Station. A community space where people would have the space to meet up and work, to hatch Escape plans, drown out daily noise and continuously get support from the Escape advisors. The Escape Cafe would transform into a space for events and workshops in the evening, hosting meaningful conversations about 21st century careers, finding work you love and launching your idea into the world.

The Escapees Journey

Creating better user journeys to enable clear and easy navigation to meet customers needs

Creating better user journeys to enable clear and easy navigation to meet customers needs

Using persona findings to inform the Escape experience
Persona needs based hub pages
Escape Start-up Programme


Escape Idea Accelerator

My objectives at Escape:

  • Designing & improving Escape Accelerators & Programme experiences 
  • Generating brand awareness & engagement
  • Improving the Escape service for it’s customers
  • Providing Escape tools (advise, content, programmes and experiences)
  • Maintaining quality & brand check over all Escape outputs
  • Improving the website experience and UX

Skills used at Escape:

  • Service Design
  • Research: Landscape, product and user
  • Identifying personas and mapping customer journeys
  • Spotting impact & engagement opportunities 
  • Sitemapping / UX / User flow / Information architecture
  • Ideation
  • Wire framing & prototyping (low & high fidelity)
  • User Testing 
  • Lean & Iterative cycles  
  • Print & digital design outputs



More work coming soon...

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